I have trusted very few people along my path in life. To my Editors however, I trust you with my life. __ AriadeSatanas

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Catie deSatanas

Aria’s wife. / Senior Editor

I am a computer nerd and an introvert. Aria is my best friend, and wife. I am Her dork!

Follow me: https://twitter.com/CatieSatanas?s=20

Mercy Maelica

Mentor / Editor

Doing the Devil’s work. Salem, MA.

Follow me: https://twitter.com/mercymaelica?s=20

Dresden Visage

Aria’s Confidante / Editor

Dresden is a Modern Romantic Satanist and a member of The Satanic Temple, Arizona Chapter. They do not speak on behalf of TST.

Follow me: https://www.gohailyourself.com/
and https://twitter.com/DresdenVisage?s=20