About Aria

Ariadne K. deSatanas

Salutations! My name is Aria deSatanas!

I hail from Houston, TX where I am a: Housewife, BaphoNet Co-founder, Spokeswoman for Coven of Satan, Blogger and Cannabis lover. I am lucky enough to live with my wife Catie, and our 3 friends “Heathen”, a Catahoula/Australian Shepherd, “Jordi”, basically Garfield, and “Boots”, the solitary danger claw.

I had a very tumultuous upbringing. Through fire, pain and tribulation I emerged, a proud trans woman and satanist. I was raised in evangelical Christianity. I was prayed over, re-baptized and even the unlucky participant in a “soft” exorcism ritual that repeated once a week, for several months. I was anti-Christian for many years.

Now I live my best life. I am no longer “anti-Christian”; I am instead “post-Christian”. Compassion and kindness are free, and free to give. Empathy can be more difficult, but has rewards that can extend far beyond ourselves.

I love food (almost all kinds), Music (listen to all) and gaming online or otherwise. I cook, dive into nature, read and serial watch streaming media shows. I’m a strong advocate for #FuckFacebook unless they change their ways. I have always wanted to Blog, now I do.

I helped create a place that would be free of Facebook tyranny and sneaky data mining. BaphoNet serves over a thousand users and we are growing everyday.

I hope to share my life, perspective and uplifting thoughts with you.