URGENT: Say NO to Dan Patrick’s SB29

We teach our children to be themselves, be honest and to speak their mind. When they have questions, seek out the answer and to remain true to their heart.

Why then, do certain people and organizations want to decide who a person is based upon their genitals? Why do they say “be yourself” but when when a trans kid asserts their true selves, they are immediately threatened with a loss of basic human rights, such as healthcare or the right to play with all the other kids?

Legislative measures should be passed to do the most good, for the largest portion of the population. Banning trans kids from sports, locker rooms, bathrooms etc harms every person, not just trans kids. If the government is empowered or empowers others to accuse a young person of “not being feminine enough” and then forces a medical examination upon them, the individual and the constitution itself are being violated.

Human rights should not be affected by gender, race, creed, genitalia or political agenda.

I myself am a nonbinary individual, combat veteran and a Texan.

I will persistently lobby against and vote NO on ANY legislation meant to ban or limit transgender individuals from public health, restrooms, education, sports etc.

Trans rights are human rights.

Have testimony to share? Equality Texas is collecting Testimony for the SB29 hearing on Friday, March 25.

Submit written testimony at https://secure.everyaction.com/cgbaZRCprUC9vd6mep0Blg2

Submit virtual testimony at https://app.videoform.com/form/CKU8yuKIg83uc7lj

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