BaphoNet began with a simple conversation [on Twitter] between Satanists. But the dream I had of a place free of Facebook’s corruption came long before. I finally decided to say something, so I tweeted into the void:

“Wouldn’t it be sweet if we had a server other than Facebook for “satansafespace” social media; groups etc.
We’d call it… BaphoNet”

It was not long after this tweet that one of BaphoNet’s server architects replied with:

The dream was now a reality.

BaphoNet’s server was “stood up” [functioning] on October 31st, 2019. Happy Halloween, BaphoNet!

The Founders

In its early stages, BaphoNet had six folks in the newly formed “BaphoCouncil”. Two were server architects, two administrators, a CFO and myself; the appointed spokesperson. Of the six, three are still actively part of BaphoNet. These two and myself would become known as “The Founders”.

Aria deSatanas

I am from Houston, TX where I live with my wife, two cats and our dog. I am a proud Satanist and trans woman. I have been a part of TST for three years. BaphoNet was a dream that I have had for several of those years, but hadn’t formed a name or an audience for it. When it finally came to fruition, I was both overjoyed and anxious. I knew the work had finally begun.

Anytime BaphoNet “tweets” or posts on any social media outlet, that voice is myself. I have always tried to remain reasoned and fair when responding while also responsive to DMs. It can be a lot, but I have the time and read too fast so it gives my mind something to do.

I “sat down” with the other two founders, Shylo and Catie, to ask them a few questions and get their perspectives and insight into BaphoNet.

Here are the “interviews”.

Shylo Hana

Tell my readers about yourself!
Well – I don’t like to tell people about myself – so that’s a thing. To be honest, there’s nothing noteworthy about me at all. Cis/het dude aged 18-64 with no disorders, disabilities or trauma. Average height, average build. I like to be alone and don’t feel any need to be seen or validated. For all intent and purposes, I’m content to let the world think I’m a bot or imaginary.

What inspired you to create the server? What keeps you motivated to keep the server going?
I already had a server online for a thing I’ve been creating. Someone at The Black Rainbow thought I’d find it funny, so they tagged me in Aria’s original tweet and pointed me to another tweet around the same time. It came down to my sense of humour. I don’t like hypothetical “what ifs”. I’m more of a “Too late for discussion. I’m already doing it. We’ll find out how sweet it actually is afterward” kinda guy. Plus – I think random unexpected acts of “kindness” are hilarious. Nobody ever sees it coming. The more unexpected – the greater the LOLs. I dunno. I guess you’d have to be there to get it.
It keeps going because it’s open-source software. Once it’s running, it will keep going until it dies. I have a lot of experience running this sort of stuff, so it’s not difficult. It’s simply what I do. It doesn’t require a lot of motivation. Plus – I’m in front of my computer a lot of the time, so it’s no major deal.

What kind of improvements do you see in BaphoNet’s future? Can we expect an app?
That’s tough. I’m really busy most of the time and coding is time-consuming. I don’t really have an opinion of my own. So it really depends on what anyone wants. I know real-time chat is a big thing and I have some stuff I’ve been working on that we may be able to roll into BaphoNet… but yeah – time. If anyone is familiar with OSSN and keen to jump in, I’m keen to facilitate.
There will be an app. This is a new area for me though. I’ve got some reading to do, but I think I have most of the prerequisite information I need to start moving in that direction. I’m an autodidact.

Do you have any other Satan adjacent projects that you work on?
“I’m part of The Black Rainbow. Surprise – not a member of TST. It’s a branch of Satanism that is rooted in street skateboarding and BMX. We all came up on The Satanic Bible (though there is a lot of cruft we don’t care for), our values align with the tenets of TST and the pillars of GOoS, we have common ground with CoRS. However – in all things – we believe in scene, not herd so membership and rules don’t appeal to us. Also – we follow the teachings of Evel Knievel and ‘concrete examples’ (literal concrete).”
“So – a couple of years ago it was decided that the skate and BMX scenes needed a Satanic cult brand ‘cos that would crack us up. After losing my job this year, I went to work full time for Black Rainbow. We’re not organised enough to put our religion into a canonical text, so we’re spreading our message through merch and product and possibly regular vlogs.”

Is there anything you would like to add?
Nope… got acts of Evel to perform in the real world. Later xxx

Catie deSatanas

Tell my readers about yourself!
“I met my wife [Aria] through social media and she introduced me to TST. While I was raised a catholic, I’ve been a lifelong atheist and the tenets succinctly coalesced my beliefs. I’m a trans woman and rarely could find a safe space to, “be me”, but those few spaces were also rampant with misogyny and christianity.”

What inspired you to get on board with BaphoNet? Why CFO?
With a burgeoning interest in a chosen religion and a fledgling social media platform for that community on the horizon, I wanted in. As far as becoming the CFO, someone needed to do it and I knew I was capable.

What all does BaphoNet offer?
We offer a web based server, like Facebook, but we advertise user owned goods and services instead of outside advertising agencies. We also offer a Discord server with over 80 channels and a very large community base. We also run weekly movie nights via KAST. It is free for all our users to join, watch, chat and have fun. We have shirts for sale! They are available right now exclusively through contacting BaphoNet directly on any of their social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, IG etc). The shirts are $22 USD and shipping is free in the US.

What kind of expenses do you expect in BaphoNet’s future?
First, let’s talk about funding! Right now, funding comes from the founders, community members, and merchandise sales. We currently PAY for web-hosting services, premium services from KAST and Discord, and finally, we pay shipping for our T-shirt sales. We set aside a portion of each donation towards the financing of development of a BaphoNet App.

Is there anything you would like to add?
“I never really felt like I belonged anywhere and while there were some places I could fit in, I always felt like an outsider. I was hesitant with satanism until I started interacting with others and found I wouldn’t be judged by arcane doctrine. I have always wanted to find a community that I wanted to contribute my time and effort to. I found that through BaphoNet and The Satanic Temple.”


What is BaphoNet though? What purpose does it actually serve?

I can answer both of those for you!

BaphoNet is an (Anti)social Network. They offer much of the functionality that social media users get on Facebook, on their server. BaphoNet does not sell your data nor does it censor your body. While it does have community guidelines, they are written in such a way to compliment The Satanic Temple’s “Seven Tenets” in every possible way.

BaphoNet also does not prompt you to use it. BaphoNet’s server does not offer push notifications. You can use it when YOU want to, not be prompted by your phone or computer “pinging”. BaphoNet did start offering a Discord server, however. Discord does allow push notifications, but they can be muted by our users.

The overall Mission of BaphoNet is quite clear.
BaphoNet serves the missions of The Satanic Temple, The Seven Tenets, and Members and Friends of TST. This includes people that are geographically incapable of joining official TST chapters and FoGs, but claim membership to TST and/or align with The Seven Tenets. This mission is unchanging.

The Web Server

The web server for BaphoNet can best be described as a “Satanic Facebook”. The layout is not far off from Facebook, before they had an app. While it is highly functional and getting larger everyday, it is a private server.

Every user on BaphoNet is added by a human being [admin]. The process has been refined over the last year to include a simple Google form, an email response and then a simple login process for the new user. Once on the site, the new user is prompted to edit their profile and then begin their infernal scrolling.

BaphoNet offers group pages, business pages, Blogs, emoji responses (including a dislike button) and even offers a relaxing game of Tetris! There is also a chat function that is inlayed into the bottom of the browser page. It’s all pretty great.

The Discord Server

BaphoNet’s Discord server was not created until December 16, 2019. The call for an easy instant chat forum or a BaphoNet app was deafening. Within the first two months of beginning the BaphoNet experiment, I learned to listen to the users, very carefully. After many calls for it, I conferred with the BaphoNet admin team and created the BaphoNet Discord server.

Upon its creation, the Discord server had ten channels and about eighty users. Today, BaphoNet Discord has eighty-five total channels and 821 users. The conversation never ends. The channels range from “cooking” and “pets” channels to channels on “ritual” and “Satanic panic”.

BaphoNet has recently created their newest channel, a forum specifically for Spanish speaking Satanists. After many calls from Spanish speaking users, I again conferred with the admin team. We worked to hire someone that would moderate the alternate language forum. I found someone that could do it and so far, it has been a success!

The Community

Above all else, BaphoNet exists to create and serve the community. Human beings are social creatures. Being able to reach out to others, in a safe forum, is a privilege that not everyone has. I wanted to be sure that a place like that existed for Satanists, because like me, they are often chased off other mediums by dogmatic community guidelines or algorithms.

I thought it would be best to hear from the BaphoNet community itself. I posted these questions in the Discord server:

“How do you feel about BaphoNet as a whole? Would you recommend it to other Satanists?

Here are some of the responses:

“I have a very high opinion of BaphoNet as a whole. A portion of the community here has become something of an extended Satanic Family to me. As someone who is a more recent convert to Satanism, I felt very welcome and accepted. The community is diverse enough to allow for the sharing and challenging of viewpoints while staying generally close-knit and cordial.”
“I would recommend BaphoNet to other Satanists who are seeking a community. This is a shared space, and that comes with both rights and responsibilities. We are here for each other, and I feel a sense of commitment is a prerequisite to belonging to any community. If the 7 Tenets resonate with you, I encourage you to seek out a community to belong to. For me, BaphoNet was that community.”

– Alexi Miika Flowers

“Overall, my experience with BaphoNet has been a very positive one. It has enabled me to connect with other like-minded individuals in an environment where I can just be myself. The community is welcoming, supportive, and diverse, yet united by the 7 tenets.

“I absolutely recommend BaphoNet to other Satanists. It’s the community you never knew you were missing in your life. There’s something here for every Satanist.”

– Remus Lucien

BaphoNet is by far the best thing to happen to me in 2020. Out of everything the world has thrown at me recently BaphoNet has stood alone as a beacon of hope and camaraderie.
– Archie H

A great escape from the downers of other social media outlets. A place for satanists to gather, without the clutter of being attacked by those who refuse to understand our stance. So many channels and friends to meet who have similar interests and hobbies. 100% recommend to others looking for a place online.”
– Lightfall ArcticWolf

“10/10 would recommend. The service here is wonderful and the wait staff is patient and funny”
– Your Friendly Neighborhood trash panda


BaphoNet has just recently begun “merchandising”. While they only have one item so far, more are planned for the future. They offer a black shirt with the official BaphoNet logo on the front. The reverse side displays a spooky looking “666”. The future could hold stickers, hoodies and Coffee/Tea mugs!

BaphoNet is completely non-profit and runs on donations and personal funds from the founding members. The merchandising will hopefully lead to profits that can be saved for the development of an app. Apps are not cheap to develop from scratch, so merchandising has become necessary to attempt to raise the funding needed.


BaphoNet plans to be a permanent fixture in social media and will continue to serve the need of The Satanic Temple’s friends and members. This includes creating an app and updating our current platforms to match security and user concerns. On the drawing board currently are the app, more merchandising ideas, group rituals [online] and more!

If you ever have any questions about BaphoNet, feel free to contact me! I can be found on all major Social Media platforms or at my email AriadneSatanas@gmail.com. Find BaphoNet at the links below!

Ave Satanas and Infernal surfing to you!

Join BaphoNet!
Discord server


Web server


Other BaphoNet Links:

BaphoNet email

About BaphoNet

BaphoNet Movie KAST link

BaphoNet’s Twitter

BaphoNet”s Reddit

BaphoNet’s Facebook

BaphoNet’s Instagram

BaphoNet is not officially affiliated with The Satanic Temple. I do not speak for TST. I speak on behalf of BaphoNet and myself.

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